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Micchami Dukkadam – I ask for your forgiveness

I get an email from my friend Kunjan Gandhi (almost) every year during the week of Paryushan – A Jain week of reflection – asking for forgiveness and forgiving everyone. Primarily, Jains across the globe, conduct a very objective analysis of their actions during this week. The objective framework of Paryushan makes it appealing, simple and clear.

Once that’s done, on the last day of Paryushan after performing Samvantsari Pratikaman; they give and seek forgiveness for all the offenses conducted either by thought, words or action. Thought offense being the gravest and action the lightest. Forgiveness gives the best opportunity for ridding yourself and letting go of the past. Its a virtue only the brave can afford. Here are the Pali verses used at the end of Paryushan to seek forgiveness –

Khamemi Savve Jiva (I forgive all the living beings)
Savve Jiva Khamantu Me (May all souls forgive me)
Mitti Me Savva Bhutesu (I am amicable towards all living beings)
Veram Majjham Na Kenvi (I have no animosity towards anyone)
Micchami Dukkadam. (May all evil be undone – I ask for your forgiveness)

I do not practice Jainism or the Paryushan week, but really love this practice of self reflection and asking / giving forgiveness. So here is my Micchami Dukkdam to you, on my birthday, I ask for forgiveness for any kind of intentional or un-intentional hurt I may have caused to you.

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