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About Us

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I am Manoj Papisetty – a Network Engineer by profession, a web developer by interest (I sold my first web application at the age of 20), and also an enthusiastic coder. Having spent a lot of my post-18 years with Cisco Systems and with multiple NGOs, my expertise in computer networks and non-profit management is something you can bank upon.  I also love traveling and covered at least 20 of the 29 states in India.

Computer Networks:

I was a pure software developer back at BITS Pilani during my undergrad days. Just a little bit of infatuation towards computer networks and some thrills about working for a (positive) monstrous company like Cisco made me change my affiliation from software to networks. Close the 4 years at Cisco now and I worked on some wonderful and meaningful projects – helped customers like Jio to build their 4G network, accomplished the prestigious CCIE (#44570) in Data Center Networks. Anything you want to know about Cisco, Computer Networks, CCIE – Feel free to leave a comment. And all the tech blogs on this site can be found here.

Work with NGOs:

I am in general lucky with “being at the right place at the right time”. During my college days, I just wanted to contribute to something. I was a clueless kid with no direction or interest at that point. Someone told me that it is easy joining a college NGO club as the entry barrier is very low, I complied. Nirmaan Organization just started at Goa and I boarded the ship just at the right time. I had the doors open and opportunities kept knocking. Starting from writing emails to raising funds, managing teams to organizing large scale events – I owe most of my skills to Nirmaan.

This was the first time, I realized that I was good at admin functions and also that every NGO needs people like me. We are at a win-win bargain. With all of this experience, I now serve on the board at We, The People and I Do organizations. I met some of the most passionate people at these three organizations. It is a lot of fun and we all grow together. And of course, checkout the content I write in this category.