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Three things you cannot ignore about Corona!

We all know how big the Corona Virus has become. And in India, we are at a very critical juncture and are fighting against the Virus spread. We have seen in other countries that after few hundreds of infections, the Virus spread increases exponentially. Hence India needs to maintain all the vigilance it can and protect our citizens and families.

So, what are the three things?

Social Distancing

This is the single most most critical action for stopping the virus spread. Unless it is an emergency, do not venture out of your homes. If you must go, then keep safe distances and keep washing hands when possible.

To all the youngsters – You may feel that you can survive the virus. You may be confident that you wont be impacted. But think about the elderly people at home. Your parents and grandparents may not have the immunity that you have. And for them, kindly do not go out unless it is an emergency.

To all the senior citizens – you are most vulnerable to this virus. And so all of you should prohibit yourself from venturing out of your homes. Let your younger ones handle the emergencies and you stay home and stay safe.

Stop spreading fake news

In difficult situations like these, we all must be extremely responsible about anything we share on social media or by word of mouth. I heard so many rumors and unverified statements in the past few weeks including –

>> Someone in the local vicinity has corona virus (which turned out fake)

>> All grocery and vegetable markets will be shut in total lock-down (PM Modi has assured supply of food and essentials to the entire country)

>> The virus won’t spread in Indian conditions (May or may not be true, but without confirmations, why take a risk?)

I urge each one of you to take responsibility and accountability on each and every message that you circulate within your family, friends and social media. Unwanted, unnecessary, fake news will only spread panic and is not going to help anyone.

Janata Curfew

I am pretty sure that by now most of you got the message from the Prime Minister’s speech earlier on the Janata Curfew. This is a like a drill to test our resilience that we won’t break down in difficult times.

Call to action – DO NOT GO OUT ON SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd FROM 7am TO 9pm.

It is a very simple action and there is no reason why any of us cannot follow. Ofcourse, anyone supporting critical services has to go out. But otherwise, all of us should and must stay back at home.

The other thing that is also a part of the Janata Curfew is saluting our warriors. The warriors in the form of Doctors, Govt staff, Workers and everyone who is going out there to save us from the virus. Lets us take a moment to appreciate their efforts.

Call to action – At 5pm on Sunday, March 22nd, stand near your doors, windows or balconies and for 5 minutes make some noise. Claps, Cheers, Whistles, anything… cheer the warriors who are saving lives everyday by risking their own.

As Modi ji mentioned, it is our Resolve and Restraint that is going to take us through these uncertain times and uncharted territories. Let us do our best to save this country and our families from this virus.

PS: I wrote this blog to spread awareness to everyone I know. Do your bit by talking to people. Pick up the phone, send messages, write blogs, create videos.. Spread this message loud and clear.

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  1. If corona spreading increases then staying in home is the necessary action but at that time government also have to take the basic needs of people. In every action , disease , major things happens in society the most affected persons are middle class people.

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